16.160 - Ticket Vendors

Effective Date: 8/15/2012


1. Officers Will Use NOIs for Ticket Vending Enforcement

Officers may enforce ticket vending around Safeco Field and other venues by issuing a Notice of Infraction (NOI) under SMC 15.17.005.

  • Officers may issue multiple NOIs to one person within the same day.

  • Officers will not use Criminal Citations to enforce ticket vending.

2. SMC Prohibits Vending On Foot Near Safeco

It is a violation of SMC 15.17.050 to sell items on foot on the block around Safeco Field. SMC 15.17.050 Map A shows the restricted area.

Restricted vending area

Exception: SMC allows the selling on foot of newspapers, magazines, event programs, or similar publications in this area.