High Point MacArthur Lane Park Garden

Address: 2726 SW MacArthur Ln


  • Seattle Housing Authority tenants

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 11
Established: 2009
Size: 2,531 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 1-2 years

High Point MacArthur Lane Park Garden P-Patch
High Point MacArthur P-Patch was built in 2010 and serves both High Point renters and homeowners. The garden supplies at least ten families access to community gardening. This unique garden is located in the High Point Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) housing community. Features of this garden include raised bed plots, a woodchip pathway, toolshed, and murals on the terrace wall. Gardeners harvest a lot of tomato, greens, and cucumbers.

Get Involved!
If you are interested in designing, building, or gardening in this or any other P-Patch, find out more about the P-Patch sign-up process here. To sign up as a P-Patch participant, call 206-684-0264, email p-patch.don@seattle.gov, or sign up online.