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Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspections

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What Is It?

We inspect residential boilers and pressure vessels when they are installed. We inspect all boilers annually and pressure vessels bi-annually; we also do specialized inspections for automatic and monitored boiler certifications. Our inspections help ensure that the Seattle Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code rules are being followed.

Our inspectors also conduct licensing inspections, respond to complaints, and conduct accident investigations.

When to Schedule

  • Annual Inspections: These are performed yearly, as close as possible to the same month of last year’s inspection as schedule and workload permits. There is no need to call to schedule these inspections, unless special circumstances arise.
  • Residential Installation Inspections: Schedule these inspections when work is complete.

Special Information for Insurance Inspectors

Inspection reports are mailed to insurance companies approximately 1.5 months prior to the inspection month. To help us maintain both accuracy and efficiency, we ask that you:

  • Send us your notices of coverage or cancellation promptly.
  • If you haven't received an inspection report for a location you intend to inspect, please ask us for a report of boiler and pressure vessels at that location.
  • Promptly return all inspection reports sent to you for which you have canceled the coverage.

How To Schedule

Contact the inspector assigned to your area.

  • Edward L. Jackson
    NW Quadrant Inspector (district 1)
    (206) 684-5853
  • Chris Villa
    NE Quadrant Inspector (district 2)
    (206) 684-8460
  • Tom Lundgren
  • SE Quadrant/Downtown Inspector (district 3)
    (206) 684-8462
  • Andy Worline
    SW Quadrant Inspector (district 4)
    (206) 684-5857

Still Need Help?

 Ask Us

  • Larry Leet, (206) 684-8459
    Chief Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspector
  • Vivian Reyes, (206) 684-8418
    Administrative Support