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Parking - Location, Size & Number of Spots

  • You need a permit to create parking on your property.

What Is It?

Parking is a space on a lot used for a vehicle (for example, car or truck).

Parking spaces can be:

  • Either temporary or permanent
  • Inside or outside a structure
  • Provided voluntarily or required by the Land Use Code

We only regulate parking on private property. Coordinate parking within the right-of-way with Seattle Department of Transportation.

What Permits Do You Need?

You need a permit to create parking spaces. Depending on the number of parking spaces you wish to create, location of the parking, and associated grading or paving, you need different permits:

Research the Code

Our Seattle Building Code (SBC) requires that parking is accessible to people with disabilities. Our Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) regulates: the number of required parking spaces; allowed locations for parking; parking space size; driveway width and slope; turning spaces; site triangles; and curbcuts. If your parking space involves grading or paving, you’ll need to follow Grading Code. If you are parking on a site with an environmentally critical area, additional restrictions may apply.

Should You Hire A Professional?

Permits to establish parking require detailed drawings. If you can’t draw a site plan, you may wish to hire a professional. If grading is necessary to create your parking, you may need a licensed engineer.

What Do You Want To Do?

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