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Developing Small Single-Family Lots

We are proposing recommendations for changes to new development on small, single-family lots.
We are proposing recommendations for development on small, single-family lots to preserve the character of the neighborhoods.

What’s Happening Now?

Our proposal for permanent amendments related to developing small lots in single-family zones has gone through several rounds of public review. We revised our proposal in response to the many comments we have received. We forwarded our proposed legislation, Council Bill 18052 and a Director's Report, to the City Council for their consideration.

City Council extended interim controls (Council Bill 118037) on developing these small lots, which have been in effect for the last 18 months. The interim controls expire once permanent measure take effect or on September 8, 2014, whichever is sooner. Our proposal is based on a determination that some recent “infill” development on single-family lots has been out of character with the surrounding neighborhood and is inconsistent with our land use policies. While we generally support and encourage infill development, it should be consistent with the City’s policies.

Next Step

The Planning Land Use and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee of the City Council will consider the amendments first, followed by full Council consideration. 

Project Benefits

  • New construction in our neighborhoods will better meet the needs of current residents as well as new residents
  • Owners who acquired a property before the adoption of the new requirements will maintain a reasonable opportunity to benefit from their investment

The End Result

Our Land Use Code amendments will help preserve reasonable opportunities for infill housing development in single-family zones, while promoting new construction that fits in with the character of the surrounding neighborhoods.

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